Mend A Broken Heart Using My Effective Love Spells

Mend A Broken Heart Using My Effective Love Spells

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Love Spells To Mend A Broken Heart

Broken hearts lead to terrible decision makings and that is why casting my effective love spells to mend a broken heart is the best decision to make. There are numerous and varying things that may lead to one having a broken heart but there can only be one solution and that is love spell casting. Losing a lover always leave you with a broken heart. Whether you would like to mend the broken relationship or not, whether you would like to one day get back to your ex-lover or not, but a relationship breakup will always leave a broken heart. So, did you lose a lover and you want to move on with your love life? Are you failing to accept any other feelings in your heart because of the pain from your previous relationship? My powerful love spells can help mend a broken heart and get a chance to move on with your love life easily and instantly.

Move On With Your Life – Mend A Broken Heart Today

The best thing with my love spells is that they work for everyone and you can cast them for someone else. That is if you have broken someone’s heart and you want them to heal and forgive you. This is the best in saving your relationship and preventing the relationship breakup. So, what are you waiting for? Men, your lover’s broken the heart and save your relationship today. Even if your relationship has ended due to your mistakes and your lover is hurting and is not willing to come back to you, casting my healing love spells is the best solution and option. If you want to get back your ex-lover or move on with your love life and heal from a painful relationship, cast my effective love spells and make things happen.

Spiritual Sexual love spells

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Spiritual Sexual love spellsSpiritual sexual love spells are the most harmless black magic rituals. Dr. Malcom’s spiritual sexual spells stimulate the victims first and second chakras and cause effective sexual arousal. Naturally, once this effective sex love spell is cast, true feelings sink into the back ground which gives you a long-term relationship. Consider this spell as the strength of your marriage or relationship

Healing spells

DISCLAIMER: Please note that Dr. Malcom’s healing spells must not be substituted for any conventional medical care. Do attend a doctor if your child or other loved one displays compromised health. This healing spell can be performed in conjunction with other health care, to facilitate an effective and balanced return to health.

However, Prince’s healing spell magically improves the physical condition of your life style in all aspects of life i.e. emotional, spiritually etc.

Spiritual Blessing spells

Spiritual blessing spells are cast to enrich all spiritual desires into your play of life. Spiritual practices to attain blessings are supposed to be practiced on a daily basis. Therefore if you are looking for good luck, positive series of events in relation to something new in your life then these are the best spiritual blessings for your eternity.

Different kinds of spiritual blessings include the following

Home blessings

Home blessings are rituals with origin from the indigenous people of North America.

Spiritual relationship blessing

Spiritual relationship blessing is practiced to bless your union with a partner. This spell is done by people who are in true love relationships or marriage. Spiritual relationship blessings are more effective with mature relationships that have the commitment to stay together on both sides.

Friend ship blessing

This kind of blessing is practiced to foster genuine friendship, trust, and honesty among the friends. Friendship lasts forever once this kind of spell is cast and nothing comes between you that you can’t solve.

Spell to bless a person

Spiritual blessings are also used to bless a person in the shortest time possible. So if you have a loved one going to take a step in their life and they need success in what ever they are doing. This spell can be used to bless children, business partners and other people that you feel deserve success in life.

Spiritual prosperity spells

In life love is not all we need but also physically we need material resources to sustain our well being. Therefore it’s a responsibility of people to ensure availability of these resources at all cost. The ultimate need for prosperity in life can not be assured if nothing is done to ensure that it exists. The fact that prosperity is more demanding on the man’s side being its man’s duty to provide makes this spiritual prosperity spells inevitable. So many people in this world have built legacies and break events of their lives through the use of these spells. It’s a very priceless spell with success content that defines your future with prosperity and success in your life.

Spiritual faithfulness spells

In life, every person in love should be able to be faithful in their relationship. though with so many temptations and trials in life commitment and devotion is made difficult. These trials and temptations have weakened and harmed so many relationships. Faithfulness is in most cases said by word of mouth which makes it hard to be fulfilled or maintained. However, prince through his spiritual faithfulness spells offers you a chance to ensure that your boy friend, girl friend, wife and husband stays devoted to you amidst all the temptations in life.

Break up spiritual spells

These are the most guaranteed break up spells that will initiate separation as soon as possible. Break up spells are designed to help you do a lot of things in life such as separate you from a relationship, prevent an imminent divorce or make a divorce come true. Therefore if you are looking for break up spells that work these are the most effective that make break ups come true and also deliberate your spirituality with a freedom not to feel the hardships of break up. I.e. with these break up spiritual spells you will be able to have a peaceful magnificent breakup.

Spiritual reunion love spells

Spiritual reunion love spells are the perfect relationships to foster reconciliation in a life of a fallen relationship. It doesn’t matter whether the relationship was legal or unceremonial, everyone deserves a perfect second chance. So if you have tried many possible ways to attain reunion but failed the divinity of Prince have all the perfect solutions. You have guaranteed over the restoration of your relationship. So this is the ideal spell for all those that are jilted or those who need reconciliation with their ex. Through the spiritual awakening of this spell, you will be able to reunite with your lover in 72 hrs.

Sexual fantasies spell

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Sexual fantasies spellSexual fantasies spell – FANTASIES: What do they mean?
Fantasies play the hugest role in our sexuality. They help both you and your partner understand more about who is sexual, as well as what turns you on most.

What do your fantasies mean and where do they come from? Do you have fantasies that you feel unsure about and wondered how they became a part of your sexuality? Or do you question why your partner has certain fantasies and feel that getting some answers will make you feel more at ease? For sex advice from our experts. sexual fantasies

Fantasies develop in many different forms and no person is identical when it comes to sexual identity. Fantasies are created based on experiences that a person has and what their brain selects to save as a permanent memory. This memory is then used as a tool to reach sexual arousal and pleasure points of the person’s desire. This is known as sexual imprinting and takes place during a person’s adolescence stage and stays with them throughout their adult life.

Methods for finding your favorite fantasies. People use many methods to help them get in touch with their favorite and most effective fantasies. The most common methods would be:

Creating scenes in their minds
Looking at sexy magazines
Watching x-rated videos
Trying new things with their partner
Setting up a romantic scene at home (candles, wine, music, etc.)
There are other methods that people use, but these are the most common.

Are you okay with yours or your partner’s fantasies? If you feel unsure or uneasy about the fantasies either you or your partner are having, then it would be best to talk about it and find out why you are having these thoughts, regardless of the fact that you feel uncomfortable with it. If you need guidance in understanding yours or your lover’s sexual patterns and fantasies, our Sex Experts can help you and give you the advice that will suit you best.

Cast a spell to Sexual attraction partners

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Sexual attraction partners

Sexual attraction may be a fatal attraction but it is one of the most powerful and lovely attractions in the world. If you think a little deeper, you will find out that the balance of the world and of the human race is very much depended upon this attraction. This is one of the most alluring charms that you can think of. Most of the people, both men and women are in constant quest for the love and partner of their lives. Some of them are interested to attract as many people of the opposite sex towards them as possible. Some of the people are not as confident about attracting people sexually, they need some help. Because of these reasons one need some tips to make oneself attractive enough to the other sex.

The normal tips of this world that your friends and others can give you goes something like this, you have to be yourself, you have to be confident and you have to be mysterious. For both the genders, it is important to pay heed to this advice. If you cannot be yourself, others will see right through you in a few moments and think you to be a fake person. There will be no chance of getting anyone falling for you. You have to be confident, it is very important to get an aura of elegance, mystery, appeal, liveliness and such things going around you all the time. This aura will help you get through the whole thing without any hiccups, but you have to be patient.

If you think that you cannot be patient enough, then there is another way for you. This way is known as magic. Yes, there are spells that will help you to attract someone from the opposite sex. These spells will make you irresistible to the other gender. There are many handy spells but you have to choose the one that suits you perfectly. For instance here is one. to perform this you will require a yellow or golden candle, the latter one will be more effective though. You have to light the candle and visualize the person you want to attract. Then you have to think yourself as completely irresistible to this person. In the next part, you have to chant the name and your desire of making yourself irresistible to the person for six times. If you are a man, casting the spell once will be enough, but if you are a woman you have repeat the ritual for nine consecutive days. When the ritual will be over, you will be pleasantly surprised with the fast and effective result.


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Voodoo Love Spells – I use the BEST ingredients only to make your spells work fast and well here are the authentic and genuine Voodoo love spells that you can buy directly on my website. Once your order is placed, it will take me up to 24 hours to schedule your spell. I will also contact you before the spell is cast, to customize the rituals and make its effects conform with your expectations. Last but not least, during the whole process of your spell, and until you are granted with positive results, I will be in touch with you, in order to help you through this magic process you are not familiar with.

Each spell that is presented below has been the object of many different tests before it is proposed for direct sales, in order to ensure you with:
Fast and authentic results.
A high success rate that your spell is going to work.
Results that are not harming you or the ones you love.
An authentic spiritual work including the conjuration of the spirit of Erzulie, Voodoo Goddess of love.
FAST RESULTS: In my career, I have worked for celebrities, politicians, sports superstars, and so I had to deal with the high expectations of my clients for fast and powerful results. Now I put my experience at your service and offer you love spells that will work in less than 20 days!
VIP OFFERNEW! VIP OFFER 2X CAST Now you can take advantage of the special 2x cast for each love spell. The 2x cast generally give results 50% faster and will last a lifetime. You have 2 options below for each love spell. Are you in a hurry and want to enjoy the effects of spell permanently? Then take the 2x cast! All love spells x2 casts are treated as “VIP” and will always have priority in my daily sessions (I cast yours first)!


If you need to rekindle with your ex-lover, you have come to the right place. My Voodoo magic spell will not only bring back your lost love but also make your relationship stronger than ever! If you have lost your lover, this spell is exactly what you need to give your relationship a fresh start, and make it a happy and stable one!
You can learn more about the “get your lover back” spell

This authentic Voodoo love spell will be targetted at the person that you want to be with. Working both for straight or gay lovers, this spell will make you attractive and desirable. When cast, you only have to count the days before the person you chose actually falls in love with you.
You can learn more about the “make him or her love you” spell

When everything is going wrong in your couple, you need to buy this Voodoo love spell that will save your marriage. By renewing love and passion, your husband or your wife is going to love you as much as when your marriage was at its prime. Thanks to this spell, divorce will remain just a word.
You can learn more about the “stop a divorce process” spell

When sex attraction from your lover is fading away, or when you need to sexually attract someone you love, this real Voodoo love spell is going to create powerful effects, and you are going to be irresistible. Combined with the “make him or her love you” spell, it will create the perfect conditions for the perfect relationship to happen.
You can learn more about the “sex attraction” spell

If you need to take your relationship to the next level and make your lover propose you for marriage, this authentic Voodoo love spell will make your dream come true. With real results, this spell will make your lover marry you.
You can learn more about the “make him or she marry you” spell

If your partner is cheating on you, or if you are afraid that he or she is doing so, this powerful and authentic Voodoo love spell will change his or her behavior. In less time than what you think, your relationship will completely change, and your lover will become romantic, caring, and loving. You will be his or her everything, and nobody else will ever stand between you.
You can learn more about the “faithfulness” spell

This spell is very useful when the “get your lover back” spell is not enough. If your ex-lover is already engaged in a new relationship, I strongly advise you to buy this spell that will have the desired results: Firstly your ex-lover and his or her new partner will break up, and secondly, he or she will come back with you. Like this already mentioned spell, this one will also help your relationship to be stronger than ever.

Cleansing Spells

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Cleansing Spells

Cleansing Spells – Regret and guilt can plague your life like a chronic illness. Negative energies build walls around you, creating a life of worry, resentment, hopelessness, and emotional poverty. My Karma Cleansing can wash away the negative energy in your life and return a sense of hope, clarity, and happiness to your heart and soul. You will no longer dwell on past failures or defeat and this spell will forever wash away debilitating guilt. Free yourself from the prison of negativity and open your life to the world full of positive forces and unlimited potential.
My spells harness positive forces to wash away negative energy and remove blockages from both your spirit and soul. Over time negative energy can block your spirit, leaving your life susceptible to destructive powers and unbalance. Take control of your Karma with this spell and bring back the vibrant, passionate spirits and energies that you deserve. Restore the balance of harmony in your life and open your soul to peace and prosperity. You deserve to be happy throughout eternity and the Karma Cleansing Spell will help.

You will begin to invite better karma into your life just by harnessing the intention to improve your existence. The energies of the universe guide you with every motion and just by choosing the Karma Cleansing you begin to bring better balance to your soul. Once the wheels of magic are in motion you will begin to understand the intense power of positive Karma and the incredible changes that result from inviting positive energy back into your life.

After restoring balance to your energy, you’ll want to consider improving other areas of your life. Take into consideration the love spells available through this site and harness the energies of the universe to bring you, everlasting passionate love. Or bring about everlasting success with the Money and Luck Spells. Harness the power of good Karma by utilizing the energy in every aspect of your life.

Magic rings for love Magic rings for money

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Effective Powerful Magic Rings

Doctor  has an Ancestral Mystic Know-How and strange and great Powers that can influence Destiny. I am gifted with very spiritual abilities that can change your life today and to make your love life a success. Since I was young, I have been creating solutions for many people

I perform Traditional Healing and African remedies for these kinds of problems.

. Love related problems or Mending broken Relationships.
. Divorce related problems
. Witchcraft and Healing
. Business and Money problems
. Contracts and winning of Tenders
. All kinds of body pains
. Protection from evil
. Protection from your enemies
. Spiritual enlightenment
. Connect to your ancestors

Magic Wallet / Ring Spells

Doctor Malcom

Doctor  abilities or power are based on the belief that I am directly connected or an incarnation of an ancestral spirit or guide and being a manifestation of an inherited spirit allows me to thus have a direct line with the universe and open to all channels of communication to our ancestors.
Once I have been linked with their particular ancestor I may then able to communicate with the deceased, angels, guides and spirits, receiving messages from the ancestors and universe directly. The spiritual exchange is often directly related to past life experiences, soul connected incidences and psychic phenomenon.

Hi Dr Malcom

*34. I left feeling completely blown away with not a shadow of doubt about the authenticity and as I shared my experience with others, pieces of the puzzle started to come together which further validated what I experienced.

I would recommend Dr Malcom to anyone and have no doubt that I will still walk a far journey with Malcom.

Thank you so much Dr Malcom – you will be blessed.

Leilani Kruger.

Hi Dr Malcom

*35. I just want to send you and all your guides & helpers a VERY, VERY BIG HUG!

My brain “re-wiring” has been mind blowing! I feel awesome, can concentrate 100% more, my energy levels have increased tremendously, I wake up ready to embrace the new day & the fog seems to have lifted from the brain!!’


Hi Dr Malcom,

*36. Thank you so much for all you’ve done for me. After our first session it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Almost undescribable feeling. From the moment I met you I felt comfortable and at ease in your presence.

Life for me has changed for the better in a way I can’t even explain, I just feel so different in such a positive way, clearer.

Thank you so much, I look forward to my next session with you.

Much love, Vivien

*37. “When I heard about Dr Malcom through my mom I thought to myself this is my chance to understand more about what is happening to me and what I’m experiencing. My parents have always treated me differently from my brother and I’ve learnt to accept this because I am different, now after my appointment I realised it still bugged me but not as much as it used to. In fact it has taught me to be stronger, and this I have accepted and received.

I have learnt that how I see the world is in fact true and not my imagination. This experience has made it very clear to me that I have my gifts for a reason and will learn to use them for the best as I can. I carry on praying about them and will carry on growing closer to God as my intention is to do his will. I have also experienced a change of mind towards myself in the way that I want to look after my body that carries my soul and feel I want to be more positive and give hope to others as well as reveal the truths that is still to be revealed to others.

Thank you Dr Malcom, I hope to learn more from you and hope for only the best for you. I do recommend Malcom to anyone who would like to learn more about themselves and realise how wonderful and special they really are and what an important role they play in this world.”

lots and lots of love


Dear Dr Malcom

*38. Thank you very much that you have saved my life, you are an Angel sent by God to help me and I believe to help many others as well.

Last year October, I went to see another healer, but after that there were demons in my house and on my property, every time I cooked food it exploded, every time I bought food from the shops within an hour it was all rotten and off with a bad smell. Things in my house would move around on its own.

The dog food that my dogs ate burn their mouths, and then they would drink more and more and more water but kept getting thirsty, they also got very bad acid, the skin on the bottom of their feet would peel off.

I had a little stuffed dog in my house, after I saw the healer the stuffed dog started melting and my 3 little dogs became very ill. I saw my 3 dogs starting to fall all over the place and thought they were poisoned and dying and only through the grace of God I threw the stuffed melting dog into water and my dogs were better after that.

I clean my house every week end but after my visit to this healer, I suddenly started finding faeces on the walls of my house, on top of my cupboards, even in my drawers all over the house, I would clean it all up and 3 days later it was all back on my walls, in the cupboards and drawers again. This went on and on and ON for 3 months till I found you and you did the house cleansing for me, it has never returned since (January 2011). I also kept finding very strange insects in my home, one in each corner, even after the weekly cleaning and destroying them. I continued finding more of the same insects.

Regularly when I would look at something I would not be able to see it, it would be fuzzy and hazy, and I thought I was going blind. I personally saw 5 different entities in my house and was permanently terrified. The fan would move towards me all the time as though it was trying to attack me.

I would walk into the CLEAN bathroom, and when I got up from the toilet and there would be bird poop and feathers at my feet??? This would then move at my feet while I was standing dead still.

Anything that people don’t understand or can’t explain………….. they see as insanity!!! Very few believed me but God sent you to my rescue. Thank you!!!

Now everything is normal, I don’t see things, hear things or feel things anymore. My Dogs are calm. So thank you for being an Angel sent by God to save my life and the lives of my dogs and for taking all that evil away from me. Thank you for being there at the WORST time of my life, I was finished. I would NOT have survived as I had ONLY been drinking boiled cooled water for 3 weeks with NO SOLID FOOD or anything else until you came into my life.

My home was full of demons/entities and you remove them all. Thank you Angel of God and bless you!!!

My work has improved as well. These stories I have mentioned are only the tip of the iceberg and absolute hell I went through before finding you through a friend. If you had not come into my life I would not have been alive today but would have died for sure.

Anonymous (January 2011) contact details will be provided to authentic clients on request due to sensitive nature.



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